Disaster Response and Preparedness

An increase of over 175,000 refugees to northern Uganda has significantly changed the population and geography of the region, increasing the risk from disasters. HOT developed the first-ever spatially-focused risk atlas containing maps and data on the exposure and vulnerabilities faced by the population. Read More

Improving understanding of population movement and dynamics along the Uganda-DRC border, and improving health screening and monitoring by moving from paper to digital data collection. Read More

HOT's Tanzania team has been working on METEOR, a UK Space Agency program focused on developing innovative applications of earth observation (EO) technologies to improve understanding of exposure to help minimize these risks. Read More

HOT's Ramani Huria project has for the first time mapped flood-prone areas of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to make sure those at risk are counted when disaster strikes, and that planners and responders have the most accurate information possible to build community resilience. Read More

HOT's Indonesia team trained local and national agencies on how out how to plan, execute, and analyze data from OpenStreetMap and integrate the data into the government’s disaster management platform.
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