Tech update

Technology brings our global community together, enables accessible and open data, and ensures that data is used. In 2019, HOT’s tech team has been working with artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve mapping, as well as improving our tools to make them as user-centered as possible for our community.

MapCampaigner is our tool to monitor the progress and data quality of mapping projects. In 2019 we kicked off a user-centered design process, designing new features to move MapCampaigner from being a progress tracking and quality monitoring tool to an end-to-end mapping campaign management platform.

Export tool creates customized extracts of up-to-date OpenStreetMap data in various file formats for those who need to use it. In 2019 we have been working on a new, improved Export Tool to make it even easier for users to select and download OpenStreetMap data, whatever their needs or experience.

In preparation for the exciting new launch of Tasking Manager 4 in early 2020, we asked our community about how they use our flagship tool and how we can put the user first in the latest update.

We continued to experiment using machine learning to split Tasking Manager tasks into squares by the quantity of buildings and roads, size. For more details, see AI for maps.