Integrating AI into Mapswipe

MapSwipe mapathon at Monash University; Credit: Missing Maps

It was a big year for Mapswipe, the popular mapping app! In October, the volunteer-led Mapswipe team released a new, improved version of the app. Using advances in AI, the app enables users to contribute to humanitarian responses with a few simple taps. Mapswipe is managed by a volunteer-led team that is part of Missing Maps – a partnership between Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, the British Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, HeiGIT, and other humanitarian NGOs.

Mapswipe 2.0 lays the foundations for two new projects:

  1. Building footprints, where volunteers can indicate where building footprints identified by AI are inaccurate or of low-quality

  2. Change detection, where volunteers compare old and new satellite imagery to indicate when an image has changed.

There is also a leaderboard feature, to ignite some friendly competition among swipers!

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